3 Must Read Fitness Books in 2018 that you Should Have

Keeping fit is one of the vital elements g of the human body. The body responds differently to different situations and it is important that is in good shape as this contributes immensely in the overall well-being of a person. Below are a few books that provide useful insights in the journey of keeping your body in good physical form.

The Little Book of Fitness

  • Written by a group of wellness enthusiasts led by Jeanette Ortega, the book is indeed a gem worth a reading by those who would like compilation of tips and fitness strategies that will keep their bodies in shape. It provides powerful tidbits on how to overcome challenges that may be encountered on the journey to perfect fitness and gives a brief look at physical journey of the whole body, talk about mind body and soul. It can be found stocked in your nearest bookstore, with an online soft copy and can also be purchased on Amazon.

Workout Guide

  • This is an 18 day fitness routine developed by fitness guru, Rosalie Brown. The book offers simple and systematic approaches to the dream shape. The book is purely biased towards physical exercise and at the end of slightly over two weeks of continuous practice, one would have achieved a more healthy physical appearance.

Fitness for Dummies

Originally written in Thai, the book is for beginners in the fitness journey. It explores the whole process from highlighting the importance of one getting out of their comfort zone to beginning the physical regime with simple exercises as they get better at it with time. It also highlights the fitness of the heart and its importance to the general well-being of the whole body.