Myth Busting-Hilarious Medical Beliefs

This post looks at some of the common myths and beliefs that are prevalent in the medical sphere. Some are hilarious and others are creations of utter lies meant to serve a purpose or the other. Have a look at these:

Punishment From the gods

  • Some people believe that some sicknesses are punishments from the gods for doing something evil or disobeying religious teachings. This is quite common in terminal illnesses or complicated sicknesses. Examples are HIV/AIDS and Cancer. The truth is, there are different causes of illness and this has nothing to do with the gods being angry or something like that.

Cold Weather Makes One Sick

  • If this were true, would we be having any human life in the tropics or Antarctica? What of North America and parts of Europe? This is a myth that somehow, many people believe in. Cold weather is as a result of a change in climatic conditions and is not meant to cause havoc in terms of bringing sicknesses with it. As already notes, there are disease carrying vectors which should be the main focus and not the weather as it has nothing to so with someone’s health.

Sitting Close to a TV Set Ruins Eyesight

  • The eye has been designed in such a way that it self regulates the amount of light that enters and leaves it in terms of visuals. Sitting close to a TV set, a computer system or any other light variation does not necessarily destroy eyesight. This is just a myth that is meant to scare may be school going children to choose homework over watching television for example.

Drink at least 8 Glasses of Water Daily

  • First of all, why 8 glasses? Why not 6m or 6 or even 20? What is the rationale behind this static figure? We all agree that water is an integral part of the human life and without it, there is virtually no life. However, whoever came up with the theory that daily, one has to drink 8 glasses (what size of glasses by the way) of water must have been out to some sort of personal gain. Come to think of it, a lot of people do not subscribe to this idea but they seem to lead a near perfect life! This is simply what it is….a myth!