Our Services

Center of Chinese Medicine offers a variety of traditional medical services to its clients based on the health issue the client is faced with. Below are some of these services:

#1 Acupuncture

  • The patient’s skin is expertly perforated with needles with special focus on areas that the sickness is prevalent in. This method of disease treatment is meant to regularize the flow of blood and other vital fluids in the body, disruption of which is largely tied back to the illness that may affect the patient. This practice is over 200 years old and is a popular traditional alternative medication in China.

#2 Tai Chi

This can be said to be a variation of physical exercise that is mixed with emotional stimulation to release stress and depression. The exercise has to be accompanied by sequential breathing and mental alertness that ultimately enhances alertness and relaxation of mind, body and soul.

#3 Moxibustion

An assortment of leaves and herbs is burned to remove a mixture of smoke with a characteristic smell. When this smoke is inhaled, it activates a more steady blood flow and this is in turn believed to cure illnesses.

#4 Cupping/Scraping

This is a popular type of massage among the Chinese that involves sticking the open ends of plastic cups or glasses on the patients’ skin. Especially from the back side. Air is expelled from the cups by heating or warming them using flammable materials. This aids in ensuring the cups stick on the patient’s skin. These cups then “suck” toxins from the body via the skin.

#5 Tui Na Massage

This involves a vigorous form of massage that combines other forms of herbal treatment and herbal medicine. The patient lies on the stomach exposing the bare back on which pressure is exerted using bare hands. Sometimes heat and special oil and medication is used and rubbed hard on a muscular area that could be the source of discomfort with the goal of easing the pain.