Cardiovascular System: 4 Fitness Techniques Recommended for the Elderly

The process of the flow of blood in the body and its coordination with the central nervous system is generally referred to as the Cardiovascular System. Therefore, cardiovascular fitness is the smooth flow of blood within the body. Such physical exercises involve the movement of the members of the body without necessarily moving the body. In short, they don’t involve running. See examples below:

Rope Jumping

  • This is as simple as it gets. It involves rotating a piece of sizable rope or string along the frame of the body as one jumps over it. With good shoes that can have better grip on the ground or slippery surface and armed with a strong yet light rope and a spacious room or outdoor area, one is good to go. There are different variations that can be put into it and this has been proven to be one way of burning fat and calories and maintaining a healthy blood flow.

Mountain Climbers

Just like Rope Jumping, mountain climbers are very easy. One leans all the way down from the front and touches down with their palm. They then move their feet in succession as if climbing a gradual slope. Intensity of the feet movement can be increased and varied to increase the flow of the blood through the heart.

Squat Jumps

One squats on a flat surface and jumps while rooted at the same place. They then can try moving around adding in a little variation by playing around with the position of the arms within the squats. This should however be done in short time intervals as its intensity is usually very high given that the whole body weight is concentrated in one place.

Bear Crawls

This can be looked at as a slight variation to push ups. One leans forward all the way down with the arms down and suspending the middle body between the arms and toes. They then can do regular squats on a flat surface or “walk” as it were with the arms while getting back up like a bear. It is a good physical exercise that enhances smooth and regular blood flow to the upper body.